Big Fog Music

“The Limerick Man” by Sean King

Recently we created a few music videos for our friends in the band Big Fog to help support their recently released CD called “Midnight Sun”. We opted to capture a pseudo live performance during one of their sound checks before the March 17th performance at the Madison Pub, working with two cameras and rolling through two passes at each track. We kept everything looking as it did on stage that night to not distract from the ‘live’ feel of the performance, despite the lack of a true audience.

“Country Boy” by Dave ‘Sonic’ Hamilton

“Magic Street” by Michael F. Dent

The first video was left alone as far as colour and treatment, but the other two videos were both processed with a basic sepia wash at 90% to allow some of the original colour to creep through into the final visuals, and then a light wash of dirt and scratches adds to the overall texture of these videos to provide some contrast to the first video. The idea behind these differences was essentially due to the fact that the first song is more dramatic sounding, with the inclusion of electric guitar throughout, whereas the other tracks are more traditional sounding folk/pop tracks.

Cinematographers: Robert Jackson & John-Marc Hamilton
Editor: Robert Jackson
Sound & Mastering: Crave Music Studios