GALR – Lost On The Bayou

This is one of our earlier collaborations using our new Canon 7D rigs, this was more a test of the gear than a full on music video shoot. However, the goal was to produce a live representation of the recorded track from Rory Sinclair’s new CD, “The World Through a Piper’s Fingers”, which included many classic tunes now featuring bagpipes. The performance was truly live, but we shot two cameras on two different passes during the evening, and edited the clips together to be more cohesive. Complications arose due to the timing differences between the live performance and the recorded track, which is why we kept most of the clips short and there are noticeable timing slips in places. Most notable, however, is the cutaway scenes where the bass player is playing stand-up bass in one shot and electric bass in the next – all in good fun for this test project, though.
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